Alan Wake 2 Footage Revealed

| Apr 21, 2015
Alan Wake 2 Footage Revealed

Early prototype footage of Alan Wake 2 has been released.  Polygon and Remedy Games have decided to give gamers the first look at the demo they created back in 2010.

Alan Wake 2 was in early development at Remedy Games before they decided to tackle Quantum Break for Xbox One. The video touches on concept ideas that the developer toyed around with for the game. The battle of light and darkness continues but the demo you are about to watch never went further into development, though some things were cut into American Nightmare Story DLC for the first title.

This game is no longer in active development but you can watch the prototype demo here. 

Remedy has been hard at work on improving the previous Alan Wake engine. This led to a number of enhancements to the engine, which is being used in their current project Quantum Break.

What do you think of the concept footage of Alan Wake 2? Does it leave you pumped? Or do you wish they waited to show it off? Chime in below.

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