Amazon Echo Can Now Be in Your Canadian Car for $70

Amazon Echo Can Now Be in Your Canadian Car for $70

The Amazon Echo Auto is the company’s latest version of the Alexa assistant which now comes in a car form. Originally released in the U.S. as an invite-only item from 2018, it’s now available to purchase in Canada, Europe and the U.K. on their website.

The device takes on a sleek bar form factor, with its signature blue light found on other Echoes drawn across its front. Amazon’s smile logo is etched on the middle as a speaker while its eyes are actually two buttons for muting and making voice recordings. The Echo Auto also features eight speakers along the edges and a Micro USB cable that connects to your car for unlimited power.

Amazon Echo Auto integrates with your phone for various radio and music services like Spotify, Apple Music, SiriusXM and Amazon’s own first party apps such as Amazon Music.

Of course, it shares the same Alexa features as every Amazon Echo device and users can ask it anything. On the road, drivers can also reroute to different locations and ask for store hours with one request. It even does hands-free calls and users can dial a number without pressing a keypad.

The Echo Auto is compatible with most iOS and Android devices while its packaging comes with an air vent mount for adhesive-free setups. It’s available to purchase for $69.99 with free shipping over Amazon Canada and other international sites.

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