Apex Legends Reveals A New Map For Season 3

Apex Legends Reveals A New Map For Season 3 1

Apex Legends’ next season is almost upon us, and not only is it coming with a new Legend and gun, but a new map as well.

Called Meltdown, Season 3’s huge new update is arriving on October 1st. It will be introducing a ton of new content including the new hacker Legend, Crypto, the deadly Charge Rifle, a new Battle Pass and completely new map with “World’s Edge.” This fresh new arena adds even more dynamic action to every competition from its towering skyscrapers “frozen” by a chemical explosion, to a train that moves across the hostile landscape, to deadly pits of molten lava and hot air-geysers that launch players through the sky.

YouTube video

The cinematic doesn’t reveal much about the map, and is comprised of CG rather than gameplay, but we can gather a few details from what we see. While Kings Canyon is mostly a sandy, dusty wasteland, this map seems to give players a lot more biomes to explore. There’s a snow-covered mountain range and glacial formations in one area, while another area is covered in dense hard rocks and molten lava.

The standout feature from the trailer seems to be train tracks surrounding it, complete with a train that the Legends are fighting on top of. If the train really is on the map, it could spend entire matches trundling around the map bringing along loot and a mobile platform to fight on.

This is just our first glimpse at this new map, but Respawn is sure to reveal more in the coming days. World’s Edge is set to arrive in Apex Legends along with the start of Season 3 on October 1st. Even though I haven’t played the game myself, I respect Respawn based on their game history, and I’m interested to see what else they do with their surprise hit.

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