Apex Legends New Map Brings Tropical Dreams and Mayhem

Apex Legends New Map Brings Tropical Dreams with Mayhem 1

Fans can expect a whole new meta with the new Apex Legends map and more.

Respawn’s Apex Legends invites players to a change of scenery with the game’s new, fourth map. This season will be called “Escape” and brings some scary additions fitting for the Halloween season. The latest trailer released on Monday, October 25, offered a sneak peek at what the island features and looks like, the newest weapon and a brand-new Legend drops into the fray.

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The new map, “Storm Point”, doesn’t appear too massive like previous Apex Legends maps (Kings Canyon, World Edge and Olympus), but looks are deceiving. The outskirts of the island seems to have smaller islands between shallow bodies of Kool-Aid blue water, while the inner parts of the island offer grey, mountainous and muddy terrain to provide some elevation and cover from other players trying to enter the Ring from the beach areas. There also seems to be underground caves to add another layer of verticality in this map’s gameplay.

The biggest change to the map meta is the “Gravity Cannon”, which launches players forward in the air that can help players with some island hopping. There will also be various returning AI creatures—prowlers, flyers and spiders—that will whittle down and add some trouble for players who just want to hide!

The second awesome reveal from the trailer is the iconic Titanfall 2 “C.A.R. SMG” weapon being added that uses Heavy and Light ammo. Fans of the game can always appreciate an addition to the fast fire rate lineup in their arsenal.

The new Legend was also introduced in this trailer, they are named “Ash.” Ash appears to be an android character with abilities featuring a tether line that restricts enemy movement. It also showed them going into “another reality” which can be compared to the portals Wraith typically uses. Overall, the character looks to be quite mobile and specializes in 1v1 fights well as they can pick off a squad member with the tether and is able to retreat by “portalling” away. Ash fits the perfect profile of spooky Terminator assassin vibes.

Apex Legends: Escape will mark the beginning of season 11 on November 2.

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