BattleBlock Theatre Releases on Steam Today

BattleBlock Theatre Releases on Steam Today 1

The Behemoth, most known for their game Castle Crashers will be releasing their newest game BattleBlock Theatre on Steam later today.

Released last year on Xbox Live Arcade, BattleBlock Theatre is a platformer where players run through stages filled with hazards to entertain giant cats who are keeping them and their friends captive.

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There is a full story mode for both single player and co-op play. Stages in the co-op campaign are different from the single player story and will require both players to cooperate in order to complete stages.

The game has a variety of online multiplayer modes such as the traditional King of the Hill and Team Deathmatch to a basketball and soccer hybrid sports game.

It also has a content creator mode where players can create their own stages to share with friends and the internet. The Behemoth even features player created levels and offers in game rewards for completing them.

The Behemoth are featuring cross title features between Castle Crashers and BattleBlock Theatre. If players have save date from Castle Crashers they’ll be able to wear the heads of the knights in BattleBlock Theatre. If they beat BattleBlock Theatre they’ll be able to use the character Hatty Hattington in Castle Crashers.

Players who Beta tested the Steam version will be able to download the full game for free.

BattleBlock Theatre releases later today on Steam, and is also available on Xbox Live Arcade for Xbox 360.

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