Beyond: Two Souls Receiving Lukewarm Reviews

| Oct 8, 2013
Beyond: Two Souls Receiving Lukewarm Reviews

Beyond: Two Souls was released today, but the reception hasn’t been so great.

Many critics have been saying the game has “inconsequential choices” and “leaves players feeling detached.”

The game, developed by Quantic Dream, has been hyped up since E3 2012, and was said to be a possible contender for game of the year in 2013.

The title currently holds a 72 on Metacritic (which notes mixed or average reviews) and has had aggregated 15 reviews.

Despite many giving it a low score, Ellen Page’s performance has been praised by several publications, including Gameinformer and Polygon.

Be sure to check back soon for CGMagazine’s review of Beyond: Two Souls.

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