Blizzard Shows off Heroes of the Storm Update on Twitch

| April 25, 2017
Blizzard Shows off Heroes of the Storm Update on Twitch 1

Blizzard showed off the new Heroes of the Storm update in a live stream today on their Twitch channel, the big 2.0 update stream highlighted the newly overhauled progression system that will be deployed once the update goes live.

The 2.0 update to Heroes of the Storm brings with it a new battle arena modelled after the Hanamura map from Overwatch, as well as Genji and as playable heroes within the game. Aside from the Genji and characters, players can look forward to 75 additional new skins for existing heroes, players will be able to also unlock new costumes and loot boxes in Overwatch as well. The new cross-promotional content can be earned via the Nexus Challenge, a popular event within Heroes of the Storm that in the past has been used to unlock content for both Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch.

In the past, Blizzard has taken their other popular IP, Overwatch, more specifically, the characters Lucio and Zarya and introduced them into Heroes of the Storm as playable characters. Overwatch has also received cross-promotional DLC from Heroes of the Storm, such as a special Genji skin based around a Japanese demon, which would unlock if players synced their progress from Heroes of the storm through

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