Budget Cuts Coming to PlayStation VR With a Special Level

| Jul 2, 2020
Budget Cuts Coming to PlayStation VR With a Special Level 1

Stealth-escape game Budget Cuts is officially coming to PSVR systems, letting players sneak past office security guards with nothing but a portal gun and throwing knives.

Originally a PC VR exclusive title for Oculus and SteamVR headsets, the next version of the game breaks that exclusivity while adding more on top of a main campaign and arcade mode. PSVR players also get Panopticon – a specially designed level-within-a-level that requires players to escape a circular set of rooms.

The PSVR version of Budget Cuts was also set to release in July, until the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic pushed the date back to later in 2020.

According to a PlayStation Blog post, Neat Corporation explained Budget Cuts‘ bonus level was made in “layers” that lead to a central room players must access. This would be done with lots of guarded sections and hidden exits.

Budget Cuts Coming To Playstation Vr With A Special Level 2
Budget Cuts’ Panopticon level – Neat Corporation

“This design approach lent itself very nicely to the circular shape you see on the level. This has the added effect of both challenging the player’s navigational skills – you might just find yourself going ‘in circles’ if you don’t pay attention,” Neat Corporation wrote.

“This layout also helps make the center of the level visible from several points, which supports the player in making informed decisions on how to traverse towards their goal.”

But players should experience the main story before taking on Panopticon, as it introduces them to the game’s office-like setting. Players also learn about their own identities as they escape a sudden termination by mysterious employers.

Budget Cuts for PSVR is releasing on September 25, 2020 with all gameplay refinements from its sequel, past updates and the exclusive Panopticon level.

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