Burnout Paradise Remastered Get New Switch Gameplay Trailer

Burnout Paradise Remastered Get New Switch Gameplay Trailer

EA and Criterion’s 2008 racing game Burnout Paradise is coming back with a remastered version on the Nintendo Switch while a new trailer shows off the port’s HD details similar to its current generation counterparts.

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Its eight core features include being able to drive in an open world while finding a variety of vehicles and races to participate in. Adding to the Switch experience is a solid 60fps game which also revives its online multiplayer modes for the first time since servers shut down on August 2019. As the “ultimate” edition, Burnout Paradise Remastered will also bring every DLC in one purchase over the Switch.

Going strong at 12 years old, the game received a thumbs-up from many reviewers for its replayability. The Switch version follows the 2018 remastered version in adding gameplay refinements, bug fixes and graphical fidelity for improvements. It even parodies several iconic vehicles, including the Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters and flying DeLorean from Back to the Future. Like Criterion and EA’s Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, players can also become cops to bust down speeding racers. Paradise also features a destruction mechanic – something that comes with some car combat and even points for damage.

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Burnout Paradise – Criterion

Burnout Paradise Remastered is the definitive Burnout Paradise experience, delivering the complete original game and eight high-octane DLC packs including Cops and Robbers pack, Legendary Cars, Burnout Bikes, and Big Surf Island,” the team wrote in a release, adding no compromises were made for the Switch, including touch-screen map controls. “Racers can smash through traffic and rule the roads in adrenaline-fuelled online multiplayer with up to eight other players, or pass the controller (or console!) in local party play.”

Burnout Paradise Remastered is set to release on the Nintendo Switch on June 19, 2020 while players can pre-order it over online retailers and directly through the console’s EShop.

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