CD Projekt Red Outlines Future In Financial Meetings

| March 10, 2016
CD Projekt Red Outlines Future In Financial Meetings 1

CD Projekt Red had the yearly financials meetings today where it went over how everything in the company is running so far, but also, what new and exciting plans they have going forward to 2021.

This year was a tremendous year for CD Projekt and the Witcher franchise. With there now being over 20 Million copies of Witcher games now in the wild, it is proving itself to be an unyielding brand. CD Projekt also outlined that 31.6% of Witcher 3 sales were digital, and that accounted for 50.2% of the total revenue for the game. These numbers are exciting for anyone who wants to push for a digital-only future, as it does show people are slowly becoming more welcoming of that method of distribution.

CD Projekt also went over the share price of the company, and how over the past four years, it has increased by 353%. With high sales of the Witcher brand and the increased exposure of the GOG platform, these are not surprising numbers. It was also made clear that they intend to buy back some shares in the future. No details yet when or how many shares they plan to buyback.

CD Projekt also wants to increase support for the GOG platform with having more AAA game releases utilizing the GOG Galaxy platform at launch, and not just titles published by CD Project themselves. This is a major move by CDPR and could pose to be a threat to the Steam platform and Value if more people start working on both platforms at launch.

As for the future of CD Projekt, they went into details about what they have planned from 2017-2021. First and foremost is the case of Cyberpunk 2077. They plan to have this out within that time frame, with Adam Badowski, CEO of CDP, explaining that “We aren’t a long way away from the premiere.”

As for the company as a whole, CDP plan for releasing another AAA property within that 2017-2021 time frame, beyond the release of Cyberpunk 2077. They also plan to expand core franchises with new media and product lines. CDPR will also be expanded with the creation of four individual teams, two of them tasked with the development of games representing new segments of the market.

CD Projekt seems to be at a turning point, much like Valve was at with the development of Half-Life 2 and the Steam platform. With such support for the products CDP launches, and they committed to building reliable products for their fan-base, it is easy to see that CD Projekt will be a force to be reconned with in the coming years.

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