CG Magazine’s E3 2016 Coverage Schedule!

| June 12, 2016
CG Magazine's E3 2016 Coverage Schedule!

CG Magazine’s your one-stop-shop for anything and everything E3!

This year in addition to direct-from-the-floor Tweets, Vines, Periscopes, and in-depth E3 news coverage from the CGMag Away Team, we’ll also be sharing the latest news on YouTube and Twitch with pre-shows and live streams of the major press conferences with the CGMag Home Team.

The action starts this Sunday, June 12th at 3:30PM EST with our EAPlay Pre-show. Check out our full E3 streaming schedule below and follow along with the hashtag #CGME32016.

YouTube video

Sunday, June 12
EAPlay Home Team Pre-show: 3:30PM EST
EAPlay Home Team Post-show: 5:30PM EST

Monday, June 13
Xbox Home Team Pre-show: 12:00PM EST
Xbox Home Team Post-show: 2:30PM EST
Ubisoft Pre-show: 3:30PM EST
Ubisoft Home Team Post-show: 5:00PM EST
Sony Home Team Pre-show: 8:30PM EST
Sony Home Team Post-show: 11:30PM EST
CGMag Away Team Podcast: 7:30PM EST

Tuesday, June 14
Nintendo Treehouse Home Team Pre-show: 11:30AM EST
Nintendo Treehouse Home Team Post-show: 4:30PM EST
CGMag Away Team Podcast: 11:00PM EST

Wednesday, June 15
Nintendo Treehouse Home Team Post-show: 3:30PM EST
CGMag Away Team Podcast: 11:00PM EST

Thursday, June 16
CGMag Home Team Wrap-Up Stream: 2:00PM EST

UPDATE: Edited to include coverage available on our Twitch channel.

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