Coding for Kids With iRobot Root rt0 Coding Robot

Coding for Kids With iRobot Root rt0 Coding Robot 1
Popular cleaning appliance brand iRobot has broken into the educational market with the new iRobot Root rt0 Coding Robot.

With the focus on coding in school ever growing, Root rt0 gives both children and adults the ability to practice coding at home as a family. The new device from iRobot is tapping into the educational market, allowing children to develop a skill that is arguably as important as math or reading.

The iRobot Root rt0 Coding Robot comes with an easy-to-use app that allows children to learn to code in a simple and fun way. There are three levels to the program, which makes it fun for all ages and can grow with your family. Level one, graphic coding, teaches essential logic skills through drawing, playing music and making games. Level two, hybrid coding, has a bit more detail in its interface, with a drag and drop language builds computational fluency. Level three, full text coding, will allow users to problem solve and learn the syntax and structure of professional coding languages in Swift — Python and Javascript coming soon.

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Classrooms can also make great use of the Root rt0. Students can explore their artistic sides by using the robot to draw anything they can dream of coding in. The program comes with pre-made code that can be altered as well to give users a place to start. Previews of their creations can be displayed on the app before they are carried out by the Root rt0. Users can use the device to create music by coding compositions and robot melodies. Root rt0 can scan colours and assign them different notes and adjust the musical tempo by changing the robot’s speed. Creating games is also made easy with the app, turning your tablet or phone into a controller you can race friends or create obstacle courses.

The iRobot Root rt0 Coding Robot is priced at $179.00 which is a competitive price compared to other brand name coding devices. To purchase or find more information visit iRobot’s website here.

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