Could Outriders Be Coming to Xbox Game Pass? [Update: Confirmed!]

Could Outriders Be Coming to Xbox Game Pass? [Update: Confirmed!]

The Twitter page for Xbox Game Pass dropped a huge teaser hinting that Outriders may be on it’s way to the subscription service.

If you’re following Xbox Game Pass on Twitter, you already know that Melissa McGamepass loves to drop hints. After the huge news that Bethesda was coming on board, nobody expected another juicy story — that Outriders would be one of the next titles to join the service! That is, until Xbox Game Pass casually shared this email about a “Mysterious signal”:

The wording of this ‘official’ email is all but confirming that Outriders is being added to Xbox Game Pass. Melissa alludes to “a mysterious signal appearancing in the distance” which just so happens to be the premise of the game. Coincidence? Unlikely. If you’ve played the free demo for Outriders, you probably already know that one of the main missions features escaping an “anomaly.” Though Melissa didn’t name the title outright, it feels obvious that she’s referring to Outriders here.

Fans have been getting hyped up for Outriders ever since it’s reveal back in 2019. There is not much time left to wait, with Outriders coming to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia on April 1, 2021. However, this latest news may leave Xbox Game Pass members wondering if they should hold off on their preorders for Outriders for now.

More information may be on the way very soon, because Square Enix is hosting a Digital Showcase on March 18. It’s been reported that Outriders will be one of the games featured in the event, so this might mean that an official announcement regarding Xbox Game Pass could be on it’s way. Fans of the game will want to keep their eyes on Twitter for the latest updates this week to see if Melissa McGamepass has any more teasers to share!

UPDATE: Earlier today, Microsoft officially announced that Outriders is coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one!

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