DC Adventure: Days of Future Crisis – Episode 2

DC Adventure: Days of Future Crisis - Episode 2

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My father doesn’t ask much of me… I mean yeah, he asked me to be a superhero… which is kind of a big “Son, could you do me a favor?”, I admit… But apart from that he lets me be. He doesn’t criticize how I dress, either. He doesn’t judge. So he comes to me with something he needs doing… What can I say… “yeah, Dad, you want, you got,” right? Except it’s only then I learn what that something is… defend the city against a god
Starman aka Jack Knight

This is not the world that our heroes once knew and it all changed the day the solar flare happened and a mechanical army lead by Brainiac marched over humanity. Humans and metahumans have been hunted to near extinction but some fight back against the apocalypse in hopes of changing the fate of a world most consider dead.

Our heroes stand poised to storm the stronghold of the evil Brainiac and his armies in the Lexcorp building in Metropolis but something is amiss. The Batcomputer says that a solution lies inside the fortress of Lexcorp but what is it? A mysterious experiment and a foe that no one expected all await our heroes. Can the war be won today or will the fall of mankind happen and it crushed under the mechanical boot of Brainiac.

These are the days of future crisis.

Artwork done by – Marvin000 – http://marvin000.deviantart.com/gallery/

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Terrible Warriors: Mike Dodd, Justin Ecock, Steve Saylor, Julian Spillane, Tom White, Derek Burrow

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