Dead By Daylight Celebrates Halloween With Event and For Honor Crossover

Dead By Daylight Celebrates Halloween With Event and For Honor Crossover 1

Dead By Daylight’s Halloween event, The Midnight Grove, has officially launched in-game and will run from October 21 through November 4, 2021.

This year’s event will introduce a brand-new survivor named Mikaela Reid, and one of the rewards for completing event challenges are special spooky stories written by Mikaela for the Endless Halloween Festival. Of course, players can also get their hands on limited-time cosmetics by completing the challenges as well. During The Midnight Grove, the maps of Dead By Daylight will be dressed up with festive Halloween decorations as well.

Tome 9: Crescendo will also be featured in this event, featuring three brand new stories from the world of Dead By Daylight. Interestingly, for the first time, two of these stories will actually intersect. Here are all the rewards you can earn during the event, and you can see more info on the official website.

Dead By Daylight Celebrates Halloween With Event And For Honor Crossover
  • Mikaela Reid: Witching Hour Outfit -The witchy costume Mikaela wore on-stage at the Endless Halloween Festival shortly before disappearing into the Fog.
  • The Doctor: The Transplant Outfit -The results of a challenging experiment that brought The Doctor to the brink of madness.
  • Charms – Black Cat w/ Witch Hat, Nea Scarecrow, Sheet Ghost Wraith
  • Login Reward – To help make sure we see you in the Fog this Halloween season, we’re serving up a sinister one-time login reward of 666,666 Bloodpoints for anyone brave enough to step into the Entity’s Realm at any point during the Midnight Grove Event.

Anyone that hasn’t jumped into Dead By Daylight will get the chance with a free trial that runs from October 21-25 on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Stadia. Now, The Midnight Grove isn’t the only Dead By Daylight news, as the game will also be crossing over with For Honor, Ubisoft’s massive battle multiplayer game.

A “Survivors of the Fog” crossover event brings the fearsome Trapper to For Honor, along with an exclusive map. The event is apparently a 4v4 PvP mode that replaces minions with the Trapper, who will hunt down and kill players throughout the match. While evading, or killing, the Trapper your team will need to reach 100 points in order to win. The Survivors of the Fog event kicks off on October 21 at 6pm PT.

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