Dragon Quest Builders announced with Screenshot

Dragon Quest Builders announced with Screenshot 3

Square Enix announced the release of Dragon Quest Builders will be released for the PS4, PS3, and PS Vita in Japan this winter.

The Dragon King has wreaked havoc on Alefgard, the original Dragon Quest location. The game has players trying to recapture the land and will allow them to construct what they like using Minecraft like blocks in the “block building RPG“.

The Dragon Quest series was created by Yuji Horii in 1986. There are a number of games in the series, 10 of which are the main games. The player controls a character or a party that fights monsters and defend towns.

The site has been launched, but there has been no official international release or price.

Dragon Quest Builders Announced With Screenshot

More details are available below.

Dragon Quest Builders details protagonist, story, and gameplay

Jump this week has first details on Dragon Quest Builders, Square Enix’s newly announced block-making RPG for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita.


In the distant past there was a terrible battle between men and monsters. There was a hero, who was a central figure on the human side, who fell into the Dragonlord’s trap and was never heard from again. Having lost their mainstay, the humans were driven from the land in which they lived in this dark world, and their numbers decreased by the day. But time flows forward and our story begins when a young person appears in this ruined world ruled by the Dragonlord.


Protagonist – A hero (boy or girl) that possesses the special ability to create items from all things. Designed by Akira Toriyama.
Dragonlord – An evil sovereign who has been ruling the world for the long years since the humans lost their hero.


In the beginning, the world is empty. Players are tasked with creating items, towns, and castles, which they can do by collecting materials from all around the world. There are also monster battles.

Yuji Horii Comment

“Dragon Quest Builders is a completely new block-making RPG where players must recapture and restore the land of Alefgard after it’s destroyed by the Dragonlord. The vast world of Alefgard is expressed through blocks, which players can freely create, destroy, and remodel as if they’re in a sandbox or playing with building blocks. Please try to create an innovative Alefgard!”

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