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Getting Intimate with Orcs 4

Getting Intimate with Orcs

There are a number of dating sims out on the market right now. Typically, they’re similar to Konami’s Tokimeki Memorial series, only featuring humans. The

The Witcher III Gets NG+ DLC - 2015-07-27 16:20:53

The Witcher III Gets NG+ DLC

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt official Twitter account announced that there will be a NG+ DLC. There isn’t an official release date, but it has

Submerged Release Dates Announced 2

Submerged Release Dates Announced

Uppercut Games has announced the release dates for their game Submerged. Submerged is a non-combat exploration game. Miku, a young girl who has traveled with

Splatoon: Inklings Takeover the Eaton Centre 1

Splatoon Major Update in August

Splatoon will be getting a major update August 6. The free update will give players new content like two new matchmaking modes: Squad Battle and

Weighing Down on Body Image in Games 5

Weighing Down on Body Image in Games

It’s no secret that there’s a lot of misrepresentation in videogames. Both women and men are depicted with exaggerated parts, and are generally made to

It’s Not a Sex Simulator!

It’s Not a Sex Simulator!

Tycoon games are either a hit or miss. Yes, they all have the same general premise: make money and get rich. When it comes to

From Subculture to Everyday Play 2

From Subculture to Everyday Play

Videogames started out as a stigmatised subculture form of entertainment. Players were often labeled as “nerds” and seen as “that” person. Now, almost everyone plays

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