It’s Not a Sex Simulator!

It’s Not a Sex Simulator! 5
| July 24, 2015

Tycoon games are either a hit or miss. Yes, they all have the same general premise: make money and get rich. When it comes to the theme, they’re pretty mild like running a amusement park or managing a company. As a kid, I would get a little sadistic by drowning people who were about to puke in my park, send people flying through the air on an unfinished looped roller coaster or let the lions loose in my zoo (but who didn’t?). So when I heard about Triple X Tycoon, I had to find out if it was a legitimate project or not.

Triple X Tycoon is being developed by Joy-Toilet. It’s a company with a website that features niche humour and adult content. They have developed two other smaller games, First Paradise, a sci-fi game set in space,  and Fucked, Inc., which is about company start-ups.

As you would imagine, Triple X Tycoon allows players to run their own business in the sex industry from behind the scenes. You learn the ins and outs of running your own porn studio like hiring actors, keeping them safe, and producing quality content. Of course, shooting film isn’t the only focus. Because the game is about the industry itself, developing toys can help bring in money on the side, or be an alternative to porn.

Players will start out in the 70s (of course), make their way to the 2000s, and possibly beyond that. They will experience the highs and lows with random events, new technologies, and award shows. Watch out for unwanted pregnancies, sabotage, STDs, and angry spouses who may crash your set.

Reputation plays a part in the process too, and choices can change which stars want to be in your films. Joy-Toilet gave an example in a blog post recently on how quickly word gets around about what happens behind the scenes, and how that affects future shoots.


The Indiegogo page makes it clear that the game will also be LGBTQ friendly, “We are working hard to make sure everyone is represented equally in Triple X Tycoon.”
Yes, there is quite a bit of pixellated sex considering the nature of the game. At the same time, the developers have made a full blog post about how it’s not a sex simulator, it just happens to have sex in it. Just to be clear.

Development began in October of last year, but they need more money to continue. Joy-Toilet is looking for $1000, which will go towards development and paying artists. The indiegogo page says, “Joy-Toilet is completely art deficient,” and they’ve only got 10% of the artwork done. So far, they’ve collected $730 USD.

I’m a fan of tycoon games, and after doing some research, I’m interested in playing. It looks like it would be fun, hilarious, and challenging. I can’t wait to sabotage my competition’s sets and rule the porn industry with an iron fist. If possible, I would only hire those picture-taking goblins too.

Triple X Tycoon will be available for Mac, Lumix, and PC. No release date has been confirmed.

Check out their indiegogo page – but be quick! There are less than 20 days to pitch in.

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