The Dark Horror and Cheesy Humour of 7th Guest

Dark Horror and Cheesy Humour 3

7th Guest is a PC game first released in 1993.

Produced by Trilobyte Games, it is known for being one of the first games to be released on CD-ROM, having received a lot attention for adding in live-action clips, and having sold over two million copies. Despite the success of 7th Guest, the sequel, 11th Hour, received mixed reviews. As a result, no subsequent sequels were produced; but all hope is not lost.

Now, Darkstone Entertainment is working on developing a web series based on the game. Known for making horror films, the independent company from Charlottesville, Virginia is working in association with Trilobyte Games on a 10 episode season. The creator of the series, John Johnson, took the time to talk to me about it and what to expect.

CGM: Why did you want to turn this game into a web series?

John Johnson: I, like many, found this game at a young age and was heavily influenced by it as far as my taste in film and even further into my creativity as a filmmaker. So I thought, why not? Let’s see if they’d be interested in a series. Turns out they were. Good times all around.

7Th Guest Original Pc Release
7th Guest Original PC Release

CGM: How did the two companies come to an agreement on this?

JJ: A little back and forth on ideas and story. Rob Landeros and I saw eye-to-eye very quickly and had similar ideas on where the series should go. He has been very giving on letting me stretch my legs on the creative side while keeping a close eye to make sure we stay true to the games. I could not ask for a better creative relationship and mentor. Since this series will be considered canon, there is a lot of pressure not fail Rob, as well as the fans.

CGM: What can you tell me about the storyline?

JJ: It takes place after The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour in modern times, and will be a sequel to the story. It does not take place in the Stauf mansion directly, but a neighboring site that Stauf found his way to. Can’t say too much more, but when the teaser releases in October, some questions will be answered and others formed!

CGM: The new series is supposed to be a continuation of the games. How much prior knowledge will the audience need to understand it?

JJ: None. It will be designed to bring everyone up to speed on the story moving forward. But I will say this: Those who played the games will catch easter eggs and nods to the original games. There is kinda something for old and new 7th Guest players!

7Th Guest Original Pc Release
7th Guest Original PC Release

CGM: What kind of feel will it have? (Cheesy? Thriller? Absolute horror?)

JJ: It will be a little darker than the games in the horror genre, but still have its playful cheesy side that we all fell in love with.

CGM: Where will the web series be released?

JJ: No distribution avenues have been chosen yet. We can definitely say online is the goal, but we shall keep everyone updated as we go!

To see more updates, check out the Facebook page.

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