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A Complete And Comprehensive Telling Of The Saw Canon 4

A Complete and Comprehensive Telling of the Saw Canon

 |  Lindsay Traves
Before you get to ‘Spiral,’ here is a complete telling of the ‘Saw’ story thus far, in order, from start to finish.
The Djinn (2021) Review 5

The Djinn (2021) Review

 |  Brendan Frye
With a simple concept and small budget, The Djinn twists the classic Fairy Tale into a nightmare filled journey into a child’s wish for a family unmarked by tragedy.
Storm Kids: Sacred Hearts Review 2

Storm Kids: Sacred Hearts Review

 |  Lindsay Traves
Sacred Hearts is a gateway horror story for younger readers and is a beautiful way to lull them into the warmth that’s buried below horror’s rough surface.
Resident Evil: Village Review 11

Resident Evil Village Review

 |  Clement Goh
Resident Evil Village is a worthy sequel that takes full advantage of its Gothic setting, with Capcom delivering an absolute masterclass in survival horror thrills.
Things Heard &Amp; Seen

Things Heard & Seen

 |  Brendan Frye
With all the pieces for a great film, including an amazing cast, Things Heard & Seen manages to end up a boring, confused mess.
The Persistence Comes To Next-Gen Consoles With Free Update This June

The Persistence Comes To Next-Gen Consoles With Free Update This June

 |  David Carcasole
The Persistence, the sci-fi survival horror game from Firespite will come to next-gen platforms in June with improved lighting and raytracing.
Gothic Thriller The Oak Room Gets Canadian Release 1

Gothic Thriller The Oak Room Gets Canadian Release

 |  Dayna Eileen
Northern Gothic Thriller The Oak Room will be available on all major Canadian VOD and digital platforms on April 27, 2021.
Dead By Daylight Mobile Celebrates 1St Anniversary

Dead by Daylight Mobile Celebrates 1st Anniversary

 |  Dayna Eileen
Multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight Mobile has hit its one-year anniversary and is celebrating in big ways!
Mundaun Review 1

Mundaun Review

 |  Jordan Biordi
The indie horror game Mundaun from Swiss studio Hidden Fields has a great sense of style, but little else going for it.
Top Horror Movies To Watch This Easter 3

Top Horror Movies to Watch This Easter

 |  Phil Brown
For this easter. here are five of the finest horror films to ever be inspired by that best-selling book and its iconic villain Satan.

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