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Relic (2020) Review

For those willing to throw the desire for outright explanations to the wind and dip their toes into atmosphere as a living metaphor for real fears, Relic is a well made haunt that creates a phantom sense of creepy crawlies.

Blair Witch (Switch) Review

Wanting to bring something new to the Blair Witch lore, the game took a giant swing at a story it had no business trying to tell. Though it has some decent scares and mechanics, strip the “yikes” of a story away and you’re left with a basic linear game full up with bugs.

The Vast of Night (2019) Review

More than just a sci-fi romp, The Vast of Night transports you to a believable world.

Shirley (2020) Review

Moss is mesmerizing as usual, but quite a bit of Shirley is much ado about nothing when she’s not on screen.

Good Boy (2020) Review

Greer gives it her all as usual, but there isn’t enough material here to support Good Boy as a feature film.

You Should Have Left (2020) Review

Kevin Bacon tries to give weight to the material of You Should Have Left, but this adaptation is missing a few screws.

Five Night’s at Freddy’s: Help Wanted Review

The straightforward short hit game style makes the case for itself and games like it. It’s not completely revolutionary, but it successfully adapts the PC to VR game to the console and makes for a good time.

Daymare 1998 Review

Daymare 1998 is true to it’s name in all the worst ways. Uninspired, dreadful to play, and not the least bit scary.

Pixels & Ink: Episode #311 - Sequel Holocaust

Brendan, Jordan, Lindsay, and Alex discuss the bizzare videogame sequel to Cannibal Holocaust, strange Overwatch leauge happenings, and the nature of leaks in the videogame industry.

Predator: Hunting Grounds Review

Predator: Hunting Grounds is a game that feels like a good idea that failed to materialize. I can only recommend the game for serious fans of the long-running franchise; or those who can wait around for the game to develop post-launch.

Black Fawn Announce “Night of Digital Screams” Watch Party

With everyone stuck in quarantine, there has never been a greater need for new, riveting content to dive into. Thankfully […]

Cult Horror Director Stuart Gordon Dead at 72

Re-Animator and From Beyond director Stuart Gordon has passed away at age 72. His family confirmed the news to Variety […]

The Hunt (2020) Review

The Hunt is a really strange film, just from a marketing standpoint. One can’t help but wonder how much of […]

Blood on Her Name (2020) Review

What’s that they say about no good deed going unpunished? What if your good deed is to call attention to […]

Actor Max Von Sydow, Star of 'The Exorcist' Dies at Age 90

Acting legend Max Von Sydow, credited in over 160 roles including Flash Gordon, Ghostbusters and Judge Dredd has died at […]

World of Horror Review

My first exposure to the works of Japanese horror icon Junji Ito came as a teenager when a friend loaned […]

Particular Crowd Partners with Breakthrough Entertainment and Black Fawn Films to Bring us Horror Comedy Vicious Fun

There are times where a movie description fits oddly close to home, but never quite directly as with Vicious Fun […]

The Invisible Man (2020) Review

Elizabeth Moss has been one to watch since she first graced the screen in Madmen. If her award-worthy work on […]

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