Dreams VR Update Arrives for PS4

Another VR Floodgate Opens

Dreams VR Update Arrives for PS4 2

Dreams users are finally getting versions 2.15 and 2.16 through an update, letting them play VR games while creating their own at the same time.

In a post from the game’s site, PlayStationVR users can expect an assortment of new tools for free, including guides for building games in VR and a couple of ideas to get creators started. The patch’s tutorial will also unlock a new community creation section for VR while it will become an ever-growing library for user-generated games.

Its pre-made games such as Box Maze lets players move a cube through a 2.5D platforming section which can be viewed in different angles via. VR. Box Blaster tests out a VR player’s aim for shooting targets with a gun. Box Escape is a 3D platforming level filled with puzzles and hidden key items players needs to get in order to escape. Its All Aboard introduction works as an orientation for new VR users and its control scheme for building games.

Dreams Vr Update Arrives For Ps4 1
Dreams VR – Media Molecule

As a game-building tool, Dreams has another platform with the ability to create carbon-copies of existing games, including a controversial level-by-level remake of Super Mario 64 in early 2020. The post included its own tips for using its intricate library of tools to design a playing field, adding objects to 1:1 scale and interactive object which can change the environment. A camera head tracker also lets objects and in-game mechanics to work according to a PSVR user’s head movements. Ahead of the PlayStation 5 release of Dreams, 3D sound has been added in as a feature for standard and VR immersion.

Of course, the VR tool lets creators get even closer with their levels and hand-craft their own assets. They can also move up-close to examine anything they would like to include before actually placing it. This would be done by grabbing, painting and rotating Dreams assets manually – unlike using the DualShock 4 controller in standard creation. To move around levels quickly, Dreams VR will include locomotion, zipping and teleportation according to preference. The in-game menu also becomes a tablet which players can summon, hold, freeze mid-air and put away instantly.

The v2.15/2.16 update can be downloaded for Dreams starting today for all owners. Its VR features only work with the PlayStation VR headset.

Clement Goh
Clement Goh

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