EA Adds Gender Neutral Options to The Sims 4

EA Adds Gender Neutral Options to The Sims 4 1

Move over, Saints Row, it looks like you don’t have the only revolutionary gender-inclusive character creator anymore.

EA announced on the official Sims website new gender neutral options for the Create-A-Sim character creator in The Sims 4. This came with the recently released update for the game, and as such is now implemented in all copies of the game.

The new options allow for further body model customization, as well as opening up all hair and clothing options for a Sim upon creation. Players can now also choose whatever voice they want, whether or not a Sim can get pregnant (or get other Sims pregnant), and even if they use the washroom standing up or sitting down.

Ea Adds Gender Neutral Character Creation Options To The Sims

We (Maxis) always look at the kinds of Sims our players want to make and strive to make sure that what they see in everyday life can be reflected inside of the game,” Said Maxis General Manager Rachel Franklin at a developer roundtable. She then discussed working closely with GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) when developing the new options to include the transgender community in a way that was authentic and respectful.

Many commentators on the official Sims blog and beyond have praised the decision to include gender-inclusive options. The update comes about shortly before the release of a new expansion, The Sims 4: Dine Out, which releases on June 7th.

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