Elden Ring Dataminer Accesses Inaccessible Area, Points To Potential Exciting DLC

Elden Ring Dataminer Gets Innaccesible Colosseum Area Working 2

A dataminer working in Elden Ring has managed to get the game’s inaccessible coliseum working.

Previously in March, Souls game hacker Lance McDonald gained the ability to break into the colosseum in the Leyndell area, see what was cut, and then put it all back together, revealing that FromSoftware seemingly intended for it to be used for actual gladiator fights. The video shows a giant lion battling a knight in the colosseum, whose placeholder names were listed as “Old Lion of Arena” and Gladiator Large” respectively.

Another hacker uncovered something in the area that was related to that. Sekiro Dubi found a nameless Site of Grace, and when they dug through Elden Ring‘s Network Test Files, they found a Stormveil Colosseum, which means the other one would most likely be called Leyndell Colosseum.

Plus, a second unfinished Site of Grace can be found further inside the area, named internally, as “Return point Bonfire Reception desk”. It seems reasonable that this area would’ve had bonfires as they are the Dark Souls equivalent of a Site of Grace.

Elden Ring Dataminer Accesses Inaccessible Area, Points To Potential Exciting Dlc
Elden Ring

However, despite the new information, it’s still unclear if the colosseums spread across Elden Ring’s world are abandoned and simply didn’t make it into the final game, or they’re early versions of a potential DLC. FromSoftware definitely had a story for these areas in mind because the Limgrave Colosseum is guarded by an NPC invader and another NPC sitting outside asks why they can’t get in. The Ritual Shield can also be found outside the Leyndell Colosseum and states the areas are remains of a bygone era.

This gets even more credible when you consider the fact that DLC taking the player back in time is a common part of FromSoftware’s games. The original Dark Souls did exactly that in the Artorias of the Abyss DLC, Bloodborne did as well with The Old Hunters, and while it’s not DLC, Sekiro also features extensive sections set in the past.

Unfortunately, it will likely be a while before FromSoftware comments on anything DLC-related but given Elden Ring’s success and the developer’s history with it, an expansion is likely. As of April, according to Forbes, Elden Ring sold 12 million copies in its first three weeks.

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