Embers Adrift — Fantasy MMORPG Gets Free Weekend

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The classically-inspired MMORPG Embers Adrift is getting a free-to-play weekend next month where players can embark on an adventure of their own along with all of their friends.

Inspired by classics like Everquest and Vanguard, the MMORPG Embers Adrift is offering a free weekend to allow players to jump in and try out this medieval fantasy title that focuses on group-based PvE gameplay and “a community-focused adventure.” The free weekend will go live from June 2nd-4th beginning at 1:00 PM EST. Players just need to create an account on the official site to get prepared to dive right in.

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Embers Adrift was made by Stormhaven Studios and features group play with up to six players. Wanting to hold on to that classic, nostalgic MMO vibe but also moving to add modern touches, Embers Adrift has the player organically discover quests and lore through world exploration rather than relying on quest hubs or gated content.

With three base roles that branch out into nine specializations, players have a ton of options that allow each to play the way they prefer as they dive into the world of Newhaven. Between crafting, gathering, combat, and Embers Adrift’s unique death system, there is a ton to look forward to as you prepare for the upcoming free weekend—just make sure to get those friends prepped as well, snacks and all!

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For those who haven’t heard of Embers Adrift, below is the set of features you can look forward to in your free weekend next month:

  • Discover the Mysteries of Ember: Learn what you can accomplish with the fabled substance Ember. Unfold the game’s alchemical magic system as you progress through the ongoing story.
  • PvE Group-Focused Gameplay: Team up with friends as you explore the reaches of the world. Whether you choose to venture in a small group or a full-sized 6-person party. Join your party quickly through limited fast travel.
  • Explore Uninhibited: Massive overland zones and non-linear dungeons await those eager to uncover what the world has to offer. Openly travel Newhaven and other areas without relying on a minimap or moving from quest hub to quest hub and enjoy the immersive environmental navigation.
  • Choose Your Quests: Meet denizens that need you and your party’s help while out on your adventures. Complete traditional static quests or embark on campaign-like quests that may have different choices and actions.
  • Branching Class System: Choose the role you prefer from three base roles and find specialized gameplay with nine specializations, including crowd control.
  • Layered Crafting and Gathering: Gather resources with one of the three gathering professions and craft gear and consumables with the game’s six crafting professions that focus on material-driven benefits. Take your gear further by imbuing or utilizing the weapon and armour augmentation system.
  • Dynamic Combat and Death: Featuring a strategic tab-targeting system with both offensive and defensive focuses, combat in Embers Adrift is a dynamic experience that shines in group gameplay. When defeat happens, another adventure awaits with the game’s death mechanics including revival, retrieval, and a wound and recovery system. Anyone can avoid death if their friends use smelling salts to wake them up in time. 
  • A Living Environment: Meaningful day and night cycles affect the world and mob behaviour as well as seasonal changes.

Make sure to sign up for an account and dive into your free Embers Adrift weekend, June 2nd-4th at 1:00 PM EST.

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