Amazon’s Big New MMO Lost Ark Launches Today Worldwide

Amazon's Exciting MMO Lost Ark Launches Today Worldwide

Lost Ark has been out since 2019 in the East, but today the majority of the globe gets a chance to join in on Amazon’s new MMO.

If you weren’t the adopter of the early Founder’s Pack, the new MMO that’s taking the world by storm is available as a free-to-play title everywhere starting today. Although other highly anticipated titles are on the horizon, Lost Ark remained in the top spot on Steam’s best-sellers list, ahead of even blockbuster hits like Dying Light 2 and FromSoftware’s Elden Ring.

Amazon and Smilegate’s MMORPG welcomes travellers to Arkesia, a land that was previously ravaged by the demon Kazeros and his hordes, the powerful Ark artifact has destroyed the demon and his spawn previously. As a created character of many class choices, it is up to you to quest and reclaim the Ark and stop Kazeros from seeking vengeance on those who banished him in the first place.

Amazon'S Big New Mmo Lost Ark Launches Today Worldwide

Lost Ark Features:

  • 15 hero classes at launch, that offer unique individual customization options and a large variety of playstyles with different skill sets.
  • A mighty story questline for the Ark artifact in a breathtaking universe of diverse worlds and massive collaborative MMO combat. Players can sail the world, and develop their own islands. 
  • What’s an MMO without HUGE end-game content, including dungeons and raids for players of all levels, along with, of course, PvP options including ranked and unranked modes. There’s also loot, lots of loot.

Vice President of Amazon Games, Christoph Hartmann said “Together with Smilegate, we are proud to usher in millions of new players around the world to experience Lost Ark,” including “Lost Ark’s unique style of action-packed combat coupled with seemingly endless class customization options opens up nearly infinite new ways to play in a dynamic, ever-changing online universe—there are numerous new realms to discover and resources to compete for in this living fantasy world,” regarding the exciting release.

Lost Ark is available on most continents starting today and can be acquired through the official website. Any of the latest news will be blasted out by its Official Twitter account, so adventurers looking to stay informed can sail there.

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