Amazon’s Lost Ark Tops Steam Sales Charts Amid Early Access Ahead Of February 11 Release

Amazon's Lost Ark Early Access And Pre-Purchase Ahead Of February 11 Release

Due to Lost Ark‘s introduction of different ‘Founder’s Packs,’ the Ark sailed to the top of Steam’s sale charts and fans anticipating the game’s release can get a jump on the competition early.

Amazon’s latest foray into gaming, Lost Ark, is right around the corner with a release date on February 11th, but with the release of new Founder’s Pack pre-purchases, fans anticipating the upcoming MMORPG release can get their hands on the title as early as tomorrow.

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What’s most notable, is Lost Ark holds four out of five of the Steam top sellers list, putting it ahead of other blockbusters such as the highly anticipated Elden Ring and newly released Dying Light 2, this is an incredible feat for any game competing with a FromSoftware title.

The Lost Ark is a top-down perspective MMO Action-RPG akin to being Diablo-like, with a story that takes place in the lands of Arkesia. The powerful artifact known as ‘The Ark’ helped defeat the demon Kazeros and his horde. However, Kazeros has returned to wreak havoc on Arkesia, and as a created-character hero, it is your mission to stop the demon from exacting revenge.

The pre-purchase allows players to net four different types of Founder’s packs all coming at different tier levels for Lost Ark. All four of which come with a head start on the competition, allowing players to begin their journey in Arkesia on February 8th instead of the 11th as is the release date.

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  • Bronze Pack $14.99 – nets the player a ‘Founder’s exclusive pet,’ along with a 30-day Crystalline Aura granting the player a multitude of benefits such as 10% bonuses to Stronghold research and craft times, a 50% reduction in the return to town mechanic, and other benefits. Player’s also net the ‘Founder’ title permanently cementing them in Ark history.
  • Silver Pack $24.99 – Comes with everything the Bronze Pack has, but includes 1,000 Royal Crystals which is Lost Ark‘s premium in game currency, and a Silver Supply Crate granting access to many useful items for those beginning their Arkesian adventure.
  • Gold Pack $49.99 – Contains 4,000 Royal Crystals instead of 1,000 from the Silver Pack, one additional character slot, an exclusive Founder’s skin, along with everything the Silver offers.
  • Platinum Pack $99.99 – Contains the Gold pack contents along with 7,000 Royal Crystals, the Founder’s exclusive mount which is reminiscent of Greek mythology’s Cerberus, and an exclusive platinum welcome crate loaded with goods.

The catch 22 of purchasing any of these Founder’s packs is the allowance to start journeying in Arkesia tomorrow. For fans highly anticipating the title, this is a must-grab even at the Bronze level. Judging from Amazon Game Studio’s recent release New World, and the many issues contained within, with any luck Lost Ark will receive a better reception.

The initial release date of Lost Ark is February 11th, and fans can flock to the official website for more information regarding the ambitious title. Pre-purchase can be made here on Steam.

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