FaZe Clan Leaves WESA

| May 25, 2016
FaZe Clan Leaves WESA

Although only existing to the public eye for a few weeks, the World eSports Association is already facing struggles to remain relevant in the eSports scene.

According to ESPN, top ranking and well known Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) team FaZe Clan has formally left WESA, citing “transparency issues” as their main reasoning. The team also noted a distinct lack of a North American presence in the association.

Faze Clan Leaves Wesa 1
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FaZe Clan originally viewed WESA as an opportunity. However, claiming that the organization was only “halfway there” upon announcement of WESA, FaZe Clan expressed concerns with the association’s development and lack of communication between the teams and how exactly they plan to reach their goals. As a concept, FaZe Clan is supportive of an eSports governing body, but thinks WESA is too small and needs to broaden themselves to better support the scene.

As of this writing, WESA now governs seven teams. It’s uncertain at this time if the other teams in the association will take a similar stance.

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