FIFA 19 Lets Players Choose Their Hero in The Journey: Champions

FIFA 19 Lets Players Choose Their Hero in The Journey: Champions

FIFA 19 The Journey: Champions just released an exciting and new trailer featuring its story-driven mode.

Players will get to experience the most significant moments in the careers of Alex Hunter, Danny Williams, and Kim Hunter in the game as it plays out.

Alex Hunter, who has already experienced a career rollercoaster in the first two games of The Journey, will secure his move to the Spanish giants Real Madrid. Meanwhile, Danny Williams, who was Alex’s rival, will fight for his place on the map. As for Kim Hunter, she will take her career to the next level by competing in the Women’s World Cup.

FIFA 19 The Journey: Champions will also have these stories intertwine, allow players to switch characters, as well as let players meet world-famous competitors like Neymar Jr., Alex Morgan, Kevin De Bruyne, and Paulo Dybala.

YouTube video

FIFA 19 The Journey: Champions is scheduled to launch this September.

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