Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Receives Release Date

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Receives Release Date

After some speculation and rumours, Square Enix finally confirmed the existence of a Final Fantasy VIII remastered edition, which just received an official release date.

Final Fantasy VIII remastered, which will be available on consoles and PC, will launch September 3, 2019. Specifically, the game will be available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam. Like the previously released Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy IX remaster, Final Fantasy VIII Remastered will include new options that make the game easier to enjoy for newcomers or casual players. The features in question, include the addition of a boost mode that speeds up the gameplay, a no encounters mode and a battle assist mode, which fully heals the party and maxes out the ATB gauge.

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The Final Fantasy VIII remaster is now available for pre-order through Square Enix’s official website for the game. Those who pre-order the game for PlayStation 4 or Steam, will receive a special commemorative theme or exclusive wallpapers. Final Fantasy VIII originally released all the way back in 1999, for the original PlayStation and later, the PC. The game was met with both critical and fan acclaim for being a groundbreaking RPG experience. Japanese videogame magazine Famitsu gave the game the honour of being the 22nd best game of all time in 2006.

In addition to its classic turn-based battle system, Final Fantasy VIII features a unique GF or Guardian Force system which employes the use of special summoned monsters, taking the place of traditional armour and weapons. Another unique aspect within the world of Final Fantasy VIII is its card-based mini-game called Triple Triad, which expanded as the player progressed through the main campaign, collecting new cards.

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered will be available September 3, 2019, on all consoles and PC.

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