Final Fantasy VII Remake is Official

| Jun 16, 2015
Final Fantasy VII Remake is Official - 2015-06-16 10:39:31

For years, fans have been asking for a remake of Final Fantasy VII. Ever since Square showed off a tech demo showing what the game could look like, it seemed only a matter of time. Yet, time passed and fans where constantly let down. The game never seemed to make an appearance, and always Square remained mute if this thing would ever happen. Well at E3 2015 at the Sony Press Conference it finally happened. Square unveiled a trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake and the press (and fans) went wild. Coming to PS4 first, and presumably Xbox One at a later date, the game is using the power of the current generation of consoles to retell the story everyone has been asking for.

No details about release-date or what more we can expect from the game have been released yet. We may here more at the Square Enix press conference taking place at 10AM PST at E3 2015.

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