Final Fantasy XV Review Round-Up

Final Fantasy XV Review Round-Up

Final Fantasy XV launches Nov. 29, 2016 worldwide, and suffice to say, it’s easily one of the most highly anticipated Final Fantasy titles in the entire series’ history. Reviews are already coming in as of Nov. 28, so here’s a few of our favorites across the gaming community. Please note that very minor spoilers on the game’s pacing are included:

GameSpot loved the open-world working-class feel behind Final Fantasy XV, but felt the game’s supporting cast was hardly developed compared to previous ventures. “[It’s] disappointing to see supporting characters–a group that typically has diverse backgrounds and curious personalities in Final Fantasy games–relegated to cliched, unbending roles,” reviewer Peter Brown wrote. Still, GameSpot praised the game for its “beautiful world and exciting challenges,” despite pointing out disappointments through the game’s story and Astrals combat mechanic.

Meanwhile, Polygon’s Philip Kollar called Final Fantasy XV “a spectacle of the sort that Final Fantasy stopped being well over a decade ago.” He called the main character’s friends “the beating heart” of the game, describing the crew as “a believable band of buddies who care about each other and enjoy the time they spend together.” He also praised the real-time combat mechanics introduced into the game, declaring it a strong balance between action-based RPGs and strategic combat. However, he did note that the second portion of the game “feels out of breath in its pacing” and occasionally features awkward moments.

Andrew Reiner opens his review for Game Informer with a daunting message: “Final Fantasy XV is a road trip that comes dangerously close to running out of gas, coasting on fumes long enough to deliver a rich and rewarding open-world experience that embraces the bond of friendship just as much as the thrill of hunting for rare treasure and beasts.” Reiner found Final Fantasy XV enjoyable enough, but felt emotionally-intensive scenes were rushed despite the game’s focus on character development. That said, he enjoyed the cast and side missions, pointing out that combat is an “excellent hybrid experience” between Final Fantasy’s traditional RPG mechanics and action-based games like Devil May Cry. Like many other reviewers, he found the ending portion of the game to have its awkward moments, particularly in regards to Final Fantasy XV‘s stealth section.

GameInformer – 8.5/10
GamesRadar+ – 4.5/5
GameSpot – 8/10
IGN – 8.2/10
Polygon – 9/10

That’s just a brief round-up of reviews across the gaming community. For CGMagazine’s look at Final Fantasy XV, check back soon.

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