Freedom Wars Multiplayer Videos Show Some Mech Fighting Action

Freedom Wars Multiplayer Videos Show Some Mech Fighting Action 1

New videos for Freedom Wars from last weekend’s Niconico Super Conference 3 show off some multi-player action and give insight into how the gameplay works.

In short, it seems the developers at Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Studio have a love for both Monster Hunter and Call of Duty.

The footage depicts co-op based battles where everyone works together to take down gigantic robots using swords, guns and whatever else they can muster.

Sound familiar?

There’s a certain third-person action game that does the same only with more primitive weapons and creatures. Yes, there is a striking similarity between Freedom Wars and Monster Hunter, but with guns and other added content Freedom Wars can set itself apart.

Despite this, the game looks beautiful, especially the mech attacks and some of the character designs. It’s possible Vita owners may have found another exclusive worth bragging about. But until release, that remains to be seen.

Part of the gameplay also revolves around escort missions that are reminiscent of many first-person shooters like SOCOM and Call of Duty. While this is nothing new, it gives hope that the constant grind of bringing down mechs won’t lack variety.

Freedom Wars is a PlayStation Vita exclusive and was recently confirmed for release in North America. The plot involves the main character being convicted for living. The game will release later this year, so be sure to check back to CGM for all your Freedom Wars information.

Until then, please enjoy the videos.

James Griffin
James Griffin

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