Friday the 13th: The Game Delayed to 2017, But Shipping With More Content

Friday the 13th: The Game Delayed to 2017, But Shipping With More Content 1

Games based off of movie franchises are double-edged swords. Sometimes they can come off as nothing short of a cheap cash-in, leeching off a fanbase in order to churn out a profit. And yet every so often, fans are greeted with something that adds something unique to the franchise. That may be the case with Friday the 13th: The Game. It features asymmetrical online gameplay, in which players can take on two roles: either Jason Voorhees, or a group of camp counselors attempting to survive his violent rampage. When developers IllFonic and Gun Media originally announced Friday the 13th: The Game, it proceeded to perform quite well during its original Kickstarter campaign. But as the crew reported on their latest Kickstarter update, the game will be delayed to 2017, albeit, getting more content in the process.

The Kickstarter update comes packed with information. First off, the game will ship with a single player mode and AI friends (or enemies) to play with. Tommy Jarvis will also be joining the game as a playable character, and Packanack Lodge from Friday the 13th: Part 2 will be featured as a multiplayer map. Lastly, Friday the 13th: The Game will hit beta this fall.

The delay, which largely compensates for the added single player development time, will make for a complicated full launch. Next spring, Friday the 13th‘s multiplayer component will ship with the release of Jarvis and Packanack Lodge. Then, during the summer, single player will be made available. Friday the 13th: The Game’s price will increase, as well, to compensate for the additional features. A digital copy is now $40 USD, as opposed to $30. The retail copy is still $60.

The additional content is definitely promising for Friday the 13th: The Game. IllFonic and Gun Media certainly are putting their best foot forward to communicate with backers, and they seem more than happy to listen to fan feedback. That’s always a good sign. Keep an eye out as this 1-vs-7 multiplayer title launches for Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sometime later next year.

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