Frostpunk has Sold 3 Million Copies

| Apr 21, 2021

Three days before Frostpunk‘s third anniversary, the game’s developer, 11 bit studios has revealed that the 2018 game has hit the three million sales milestone.

The developer doesn’t call it a day with that milestone reveal, as part of Frostpunk‘s third-anniversary celebration it is releasing an original soundtrack from its past expansions. Those expansions being The Last Autumn and on the Edge, composer, Piotr Musiał is adding new tracks to the release which will be free for all season pass holders on Steam.

The soundtrack will also be coming to music streaming services, but until then it’s currently available on YouTube. For anyone Frostpunk fans who collect vinyl records, well good news the soundtrack is getting a vinyl edition later this year which you can preorder right now.

The developer also showed off some numeral facts about the studio on top of Frostpunk‘s 3 million milestone. All of 11 bit studios’ games on Steam have an average review score of 91 percent, have sold more than 11 million units on Steam which includes games and DLC and players have collectively put more than 129 million hours into their games which is about more than 14,000 years of time.

One more notable accomplishment is that 11 bit studios’ Children of Morta: Paws and Claws DLC and This War of Mine: War Child DLC has already raised $720,000 USD for charities across the world. The final part of the celebration is that the developer is putting all their classic and modern games plus DLC into three very generously discounted bundles on Steam.

The first bundle, the starter bundle includes all 11 bit studio classic titles which are valued together at $101.91 USD but right now is 89% off at $11.05 USD. The second bundle, the complete bundle includes all 11 bit studio games, it is valued at $173.88 USD but is 87% off at $22.03 USD. Finally, is the third bundle, the ultimate bundle which is just the complete bundle plus all the DLC, it is valued at $259.77 but is currently 85% off at $37.82 USD.

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