Gran Turismo 7 Activates A Server Maintenance Period To Fix A Broken Patch, Servers Still Down (UPDATED)

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Gran Turismo 7 has been out since March 4, and patch 1.07 went live yesterday, but due to “an issue” the development team has found, servers have been taken offline.

Gran Turismo 7 came to PlayStation consoles with solid fanfare, a positive reception on Metacritic, and had to contend with one of the biggest gaming releases of all time in Elden Ring. CGMagazine’s review said “Gran Turismo 7 is the definitive driving experience of this generation,” after the release of the highly anticipated title.

There was an underlying issue here for GT7 players, there is a long and arduous process to unlock some of the title’s most lucrative racing machines. And the new update 1.07, made the process an even more laborious task. Quite possibly due to “an issue” found in the patch, or maybe the massive fan backlash led to GT7 going offline for now, what seems to be nearing 30 hours. This is a major problem, considering GT7 needs a stable internet connection to play any of its modes, besides the Arcade.

Although the reasoning for the server maintenance is not clear, hopefully, fans will have the gruelling process for Gran Turismo 7‘s massive unlock requirements shortened somewhat. Or, hopefully, GT7 will be made so that the title can be played without an internet connection, considering it has major single-player components. This Reddit post outlines some ‘fixes’ to credit payouts GT7 had made before going offline for the maintenance, and judging by the posts, fans are NOT happy:

R/Granturismo - Even The High Speed Ring Race Has A Smaller Payout...

One player in the thread even outlined the actual dollar amount a desirable car would cost: “You could get the Ford GT40 ’66 which costs 20 mil in GT Sport for 3$. That same car costs 46$ in GT7 if you buy credit packs,” with emphasis placed on the microtransaction side of things, Intentional_Realist wrote.

As servers remain down for GT7, fans can hope that these ‘fixes’ will either go back to normal, or be helped somewhat considering GT7 is already expensive, and $46 for a digital vehicle lightens players’ wallets considerably.

The Gran Turismo 7 official Twitter account will provide updates as they happen.

UPDATE MARCH 18 11:46 am:

Since posting about the server maintenance regarding Gran Turismo 7, fans have taken to Metacritic to review bomb the title as seen from this still taken from the website, users even suggesting to return to GT Sport:

Gran Turismo 7 Activates A Server Maintenance Period To Fix A Broken Patch, Servers Still Down (Updated)

The scathing review responses come from the focus on GT7’s microtransactions, and the lack of the game’s functionality without online services. The development team has also left fans in the dark, providing no given update for over 24-hours since maintenance.

CGMagazine has reached out to Polyphony Digital for comment.

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Philip Watson

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