GTA Online Player One-ups Rockstar

Player Solves Major Load Time Issue Before Developers

GTA Online Player One-ups Rockstar 1

A GTA Online user named T0ST has posted about how they managed to cut down the Rockstar game’s load times by 70%, and they spare no details. The game has been infamous for its load times, with people saying that the quality of the game itself requires that much time to load. The company hasn’t implemented any solutions, leading a user to take matters into their own hands.

Rockstar is well aware of the load time complaints as their customer support page is covered in posts about the lengthy waits, as well as regular loading errors, going back as far as April 2017. After the announcement by T0ST yesterday many players have commented on Twitter saying that they’d given up on GTA Online long ago due to the ongoing issues. Fans are petitioning the company to implement T0ST’s changes, and the internet is buzzing.

So how did they fix it? After the player got fed up with their almost six-minute wait time for the game to load, the user took a more in depth look at the game’s code and found that the load times are “… in part, attributed to some terribly optimised code and a 10MB JSON file containing 63,000 item entries. Every time an item is found, the check then runs again… and again. tostercx estimated that this leads to around 1,984,531,500 checks”, according to PCgamer. After the changes were made the load time dropped to a mere one minute and 50 seconds, a drastic improvement.

The user posted his journey in detail here. They share everything from why they were fed up, to the fix, to how amazed they are at the reaction so far, meaning they’re keeping the page up to date. T0ST claims that the issue shouldn’t take long to solve at all, and they suggest some tips that Rockstar can implement, though fans aren’t holding their breath for the company to respond.

Dayna Eileen
Dayna Eileen

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