Heroes of the Storm: Mephistos Unleashes Hatred in the Nexus

Heroes of the Storm: Mephistos Unleashes Hatred in the Nexus

Blizzard  just released a new Heroes of the Storm spotlight video that features Mephistos from the Diablo universe.

The newest Nexus hero is a ranged assassin whose strengths include area of effect damage, sustain damage, and is strong against crowd control. However, the Lord of Hatred has his weaknesses in terms of low crowd control, burst damage, and melee combat.

Mephisto’s trait is Lord of Hatred, which lowers the cooldowns of his basic abilities depending on how many heroes are hit. One of these basic ability is Skill Missile (Q), which launches a skull at a target enemy after a short delay. When an enemy is hit with the skull, they will get slowed down and damaged.

His next ability is Lightning Nova (W), where he generates a ring of lightning to damage enemies who come in contact with it. This goes well with his trait, as the ability increases in damage for each enemy hit.

As for Shade of Mephisto (E), it lets him leave a shade of himself at one location while he teleports to sweep up escaping foes.

Much like in Diablo, Mephisto in Heroes of the Storm is just as insatiable when it comes to consuming souls. His first heroic, Consume Souls, is a channeling ability that reveals enemies and damages them once the channel is complete. Another heroic is Durance of Hate, which releases spirits to root and damage the first enemy they hit, then fans out to do the same to other heroes.

YouTube video

By finding the right moment to strike and being located at an optimal position, Mephistos can unleash as much hatred in the Nexus as he does so in Diablo.

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