Heroes of the Storm: The Epic HGC Mid-Season Brawl Recap

Heroes of the Storm: The Epic HGC Mid-Season Brawl Recap 1

After epic, action-packed matches that pushed their team to the limit, Gen.G became legends with their Heroes of the Storm Global Championship (HGC) Mid-Season Brawl win.

Gen.G faced off against Dignitas in the Heroes of the Storm Global Championship grand final, and achieved a final score of 4:3.  

The last battle took place on Sky Temple, where Blaze, Hanzo, Tracer, and Sonya were banned during drafting. Gen.G’s team consisted of Genji, Johanna, Kharazim, Malthael, and Li-Ming, while Dignitas had Malfurion, Dehaka, Jaina, Falstad, and Muradin.

Heroes Of The Storm: The Epic Hgc Mid-Season Brawl Recap
Gen.G and Dignitas drafting their teams.

The first 30 seconds of the Heroes of the Storm game consisted of Dignitas scoping out their foes after quickly claiming a watchtower. At one minute in, they began taking a Siege Camp in the bottom lane, while Gen.G’s “Sake” as Kharazim and ”Reset” as Li-Ming worked together to do the same.

With the two bottom camps claimed, Dignitas’ “POILK” as Jaina and “Wubby” as Dehaka attempted to push against not only Kharazim and Li-Ming, but now “Ttsst” as Johanna.

Meanwhile, on the top lane, Gen.G’s  “Kyocha” as Malthael and “Rich” as Genji peppered “Snitch” as Falstad with a few attacks. Genji then moved to the bottom lane while Kharazim and Malthael took on a Bruiser Camp to counter Dignitas’s own form of area denial just before the first two temples activated.

A fight broke out at top lane between Malthael, Genji, and Johanna against Dignitas’ entire team save for Dehaka, who stayed on the bottom lane farming minions and gaining experience points. Gen.G’s Li-Ming then rushed to the top to help out, while Kharazim took on the middle objective by himself.

The top lane fight then took a turn outside of the temple, where Dignitas’ Jaina used Blizzard to slow down Genji. Coupled with Malfurion’s Entangling Roots move and Muradin’s stun, protection was not enough to save Gen.G from being the victim of first blood.

As Dignitas pushed their opponents toward their towers, Malthael managed to kill Malfurion. But the victory was short-lived, as Johanna’s Condemn backfired, letting Dignitas’ Dehaka go in for the kill against Malthael.

Both teams were then set to get to level 10 as quickly as possible, but Gen.G reached level 10 first. With both teams in middle lane, a team fight broke out, with Genji using his ultimate but missing a kill. Dignitas’ Dehaka punished Gen.G by getting the kill for Li-Ming, and a one-for-one was made as Malthael killed Dehaka shortly after.

Heroes Of The Storm: The Epic Hgc Mid-Season Brawl Recap
Team Gen.G reaching level 10 first.

With only about 15 seconds until the bottom temple activates, both teams headed to the objective. Dehaka went to the top lane, but he was prepared to Burrow to bottom lane should his team need him.

Once at the temples, both teams prepared for the kill. Jaina ended up taking down Johanna, while Malthael took down Muradin. With their team’s other tank down, Dehaka Burrows to the temple. But it wasn’t enough as he missed the Drag on the low-health Malthael, who then helped Li-Ming and  Kharazim secure two kills against Dignitas.

As soon as team Gen.G moved away from tower fire, they headed to the Boss Camp, taking it down while a solo Muradin helplessly tried to distract them.

Falstad flew into the Boss Camp battle as soon as Muradin died, killed Malthael. Sky Temple became a true bloodbath as both teams then fought over capping the Boss camp. Gen.G managed to secure the Boss, which left Dignitas Jaina alone without her team for backup, and dead in a few seconds. With the help of the boss, the bottom lane was taken down by Gen.G.

When the next temples activated, Dignitas took the middle one, while Gen.G’s Malthael took on the bottom one by himself. Meanwhile, Dehaka collected Essence at the bottom lane, trying to save his team’s Keep.

The next temples spawned at the top and middle, but the team took place at the latter location. When Li-Ming went down, Gen.G backed up to get a Bruiser Camp.

When they discovered that Dignitas’ Malfurion and Jaina were trying to get the Boss Camp, Malthael stayed behind for the temple as the rest of the team desperately tried to claim the Boss — but to no avail.

Despite the glimmer of hope, the next temple took down Dignitas’ top keep. The team then fought yet again for the Boss, with Falstad using his ultimate to blow the other team away and help his own team claim it.

Yet that wasn’t enough, as Malthael was at the bottom temple and dealing damage to the  Dignitas’ Core. Falstad and Dehaka arrived and killed him, with the former leaving as quickly as he could to protect the Core from Kharazim and Li-Ming.

With the Core rapidly losing health and then reaching zero, Team Gen.G won the Heroes of the Storm Global Championship’s Mid-Season Brawl.

Heroes Of The Storm: The Epic Hgc Mid-Season Brawl Recap
Team Gen.G and Dignitas fighting for the Boss Camp.

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