Heroes of the Storm: Upcoming Azmodan and Raynor Reworks

Heroes of the Storm: Upcoming Azmodan and Raynor Reworks 1

The upcoming Heroes of the Storm Raiders of Warchrome update features not only some shiny new skins, but also reworks for our favourite Lord of Hell and Renegade Commander.

Raynor, who is from the Starcraft universe, will have increased wave-clear and burst damage with his new trait and reworked talent tree.

First up is his E ability, Adrenaline Rush, which used to be his trait. Adrenaline Rush can be activated to heal a percentage of Raynor’s health on his own terms. The cooldown will be a bit longer, but it can be reduced by attacking opponents.

Replacing the old trait will be Acquire Weak Spot, which will add more functionality to his auto attacks, as every fourth shot, Raynor will do increased damage to his enemies. If Heroes of the Storm players choose the new Veteran Marksman talent at level one, Raynor’s damage bonus will increase every time he damages enemy heroes, thanks to the new trait.

At level seven, Unstable Compound increases the area of the new trait, as well as slows foes who get hit by it. Adding to this trait and ability synergy is Weak Spot Acquired at level 20, which will reduce the armour of enemy heroes.

Raynor’s ultimate ability will be changed as well. When R is pressed, Raynor will summon one Banshee that will travel with him and attack nearby enemies. If retreat is in order, the Banshee can regain health if it doesn’t take damage. If destroyed, it will return to Raynor after a set amount of time.

Other talents include Rallying Cry at level 13, which can increase team damage output by giving them attack and movement speed with Inspire is cast. Meanwhile, Bounty Hunter at level 16 lets Raynor to activate his trait and deal bonus damage to his targets based on their maximum hit points. Fuel the Rush at level seven will reduce the cooldown of Adrenaline Rush, provided Raynor lands basic attacks while Inspire is active.

Heroes Of The Storm: Upcoming Azmodan And Raynor Reworks 6
Heroes of the Storm gameplay. Image provided by Blizzard Entertainment.

As for the new Lord of Hell, he continues to be a siege monster while getting some versatility introduced to his kit.

In the upcoming Heroes of the Storm update, Azmodan will get stacks of Annihilation when he hits either minions or heroes with Globe of Annihilation. While each point will increase the base damage of the ability, the impact area will be visible sooner to enemies. At level one, he has talents to help him gain more stacks of Annihilation as well. There’s Greed, Gluttony, and Wrath, which can be chosen based on the wanted rewards and playstyle.

Meanwhile, Azmodan’s Summon Demon Warrior ability will no longer have two charges as a baseline. However, his minions can deal constant AoE damage while having increased health. This ability can also be empowered with his talents at level 4 like Army of Hell, Hellforged Armor, and Battleborn. Players can pair this with Hell Rift at level 16, which will summon a demon and empowers all other active demon warriors.

Heroes Of The Storm: Upcoming Azmodan And Raynor Reworks 4
Heroes of the Storm gameplay. Image provided by Blizzard Entertainment.

As for the All Shall Burn ability, it will have a set channeling time, dealing bonus damage when the cast is complete. Paired with Master of Destruction at level 7, this ability can damage nearby enemies at the end of the cast and even grant Annihilation for every enemy hero hit. All Shall Burn can also be paired with Sin’s Grasp at level 16, which will shorten the cooldown.

One of Azmodan’s heroic abilities, Black Pool, will be replaced with Tide of Sin, which allows his next Globe of Annihilation to be cast for no mana and have increased damage.

One more talent of interest includes Trample at level 20, which allows the Lord of Hell to charge for either aggressive or defensive play. This gives Azmodan the mobility that he’s never had before.

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