More Death Stranding Content Hinted by Hideo Kojima

| June 30, 2020
More Death Stranding Content Hinted by Hideo Kojima 2

Recent tweets by Death Stranding and Metal Gear Solid developer Hideo Kojima showed off some of his methods to making a video game, including unseen assets which suggest a sequel or DLC is on the way for his 2019 game.

While some visuals of Kojima working at home are subtle, others show him developing a new video game concept with artists. Their screens also hint at what’s to come as other Twitter users were interested to know more.

According to Games Radar, Kojima’s tweets also contain some familiar Death Stranding elements. Its Bridge Baby isn’t making an effort to hide in one of Kojima’s concept sketches. The term “Bridges” was also etched with a ship drawing. The 2019 game had the term and tons of derelict ships scattered across the world as players traveled across.

But Death Stranding was also open to a franchise, with Kojima admitting to Famitsu he wanted to expand the universe and not leave it anytime soon. This would include a manga and potential film based on the game’s world.

Until then, it’s still unknown what Kojima Productions’ next project would be in relation to Death Stranding.

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