Hotline Miami Collection Removed from Australian Nintendo eShop

| Aug 20, 2019
Hotline Miami Collection Removed from Australian Nintendo eShop

Unfortunately, it looks like the just-released Hotline Miami Collection, which consists of the original title, along with Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, is no longer available for purchase in Australian territories for Nintendo fans.

Although the collection pack was available for purchase for a short window of time, it has since been pulled from the Australian Nintendo eShop. The game was initially available following the surprise reveal, during Nintendo’s Indie showcase video. Previously, Hotline Miami, which released in 2015, received an R18+ rating, with the second game in the series being denied approval twice over.

Despite the individual games not getting approved, for whatever reason, the Hotline Miami Collection slipped through on to the Nintendo eShop, with its MA15+ rating. Sadly, this was only temporary, as the collection is now no longer available for purchase. Those who have already purchased the title, before its removal, will still be able to access it.

Even with its 2D, pixel-art, both the original and its sequel contains graphic material and depictions of violence which explains why the games originally never got approval in Australia, due to their strict ratings system. It is unlikely the collection pack of games will return to the eShop, at least in its current form.

Revolver Digital have yet to make a statement regarding the sudden removal of the combo pack. The titles are still available for purchase in all other territories in which the eShop is available. PlayStation fans can also purchase the game, where it is a cross-buy title and is available for slightly less.

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