The Humble Bundle Now Sells Comics and Books

| May 15, 2014
The Humble Bundle Now Sells Comics and Books 1

Most gamers will know of the Humble Bundle by it’s promotion of selling a group of indie games under a pay-what-you-want style of purchase.

Recently they’ve started a new kind of Humble Bundle that sells comics and books instead of video games.

The Humble Books Bundle sells a group of comics, graphic novels, and books under the same pay style as their games section.

Currently the Humble Books Bundle is selling trade paper back issues of Dr.Who comics. Buyers will be able to get volumes 1-3 and 1-4 of the first two Dr. Who series for any amount that they want to pay. Paying over the average of $11 will also get them volumes 1-4 of the third series, and paying $15 or more will get them volumes 1-3 of the Prisoners in Time series, as well as the 2013 special issue titled “The Girl Who Loved Dr.Who.”

Like other Humble Bundles in the past, the deal will add more comics as time goes on in the sale.

The Humble Bundle team started in 2010 and offered DRM free indie games under a pay-what-you-want method of purchase. Buyers could then choose how much of their money went towards the developers of the games, the Humble Bundle team themselves, as well as one or more charities such as Child’s Play, and Doctors Without Borders.

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