HyperX Expands Spectre Gaming Glasses Lineup

HyperX Expands Spectre Gaming Glasses Lineup

HyperX is expanding on their lineup of gaming glasses with the Spectre brand seeing additional colours available and the introduction of Spectre Mission.

HyperX, the gaming peripherals team at PC-juggernaut HP, today announced the Spectre Mission—a new family of gaming eyewear to go along with the already established Spectre lineup. Built for those who spend long hours in front of the computer or TV, the new eyewear design offers gaming-grade lenses with blue light and UV protection.

HyperX is also expanding its current eyewear offerings to include added colour schemes, including a black/red and black/blue variant now available on Amazon. With the increase in society’s reliance on computers, smart phones, and the internet as a whole, these forms of protection will be important in the years to come as we learn more about what extended screen time means for our eye health.

Hyperx Spectre Mission
HyperX Spectre Mission

“The HyperX Spectre Mission Gaming Eyewear, built with HyperX comfort, durability, and blue light filtering, offers exceptional quality and style at an attractive price point,” said Stephanie Winkler, strategic marketing manager at HyperX. “With this affordable addition to our lineup, plus fresh new colourways of existing HyperX gaming eyewear product lines, we remain focused on offering a wide variety of comfortable, protective glasses that meet a range of gaming and screen viewing needs.”

The following Spectre Gaming Eyewear styles now have expanded availability on Amazon in the U.S.:

  • Spectre Scout –satin black/red
  • Spectre Stealth –satin black with blue
  • Spectre Mission –satin black, satin black to clear fade, satin black to blue fade, satin black to red fade

Coming in at $59.99 USD, the Spectre Mission offers a model in between the currently offered Scout and Stealth, which MSRP for $39.99 and $79.99, respectively. Additionally, they’re is well-known for its other PC accessory offerings, from headsets to keyboards and mice, so be sure to check out their available products.

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