Injustice: Gods among us gets comic book series

| Jan 15, 2013
Injustice: Gods among us gets comic book series - 2013-01-15 21:16:26

Fans who love a back story will be pleased to know that the upcoming fighter game Injustice: Gods among us will recieve its own comic series avaliable to start reading today.

Developer  NetherRealm Studio’s will put the comic out as a prequel to the game, which IGN reports will explain how these heroes came to blows with one another in the DC universe.

The Injustice prequel was announced a year earlier by co-founder of NetherRealm, Ed Boon. The story will take place five years earlier and focus on the events that led up to the game.

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Tom Taylor, the man in charge of writing these chapters  said “One of his goals is to try and bring in every character featured in the game into the comic, but may be difficult due to the very large cast,” in an interview with IGN.

DC will release 10 pages of the comic every Tuesday for $.99 and will be avalible on iOS, Android, iBookstore, Nook Store, and the Kindle store on the DC Comics app. People interested in getting their hands on a print version, three digital chapters will be collected in each volume and released for sale monthly.

Injustice: Gods among us is set to be released in April on Xbox, PS3, and Wii U; giving fans of the DC universe plenty of time to read the comic series.

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