Jack Ryan Season Three Will Have You Wanting More With New Trailer!

Jack Ryan Season Three Will Have You Wanting More With New Trailer!

This new trailer will get you even more hyped for the new upcoming season of Jack Ryan—betrayal and lies are the least of Jack’s worries now.

The first two seasons of Jack Ryan were a huge hit for Prime Video and the excitement for season three is definitely not overexaggerated. The season three trailer does not disappoint with a few insights into how Jack Ryan’s career at the CIA is going.

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Following seasons one and two where Jack had to prove himself as an analyst and then was thrown into the world as a CIA case officer, we now see him in Rome. Jack comes across some intel that he must follow to truly figure out what is going on. He believes that there is a secret plan being hatched to try and resurrect the late Soviet Empire and, as always, he goes to confirm this information. In doing so, he is wrongly implicated in a larger conspiracy.

Jack Ryan is now accused of treason, with a red notice out for his arrest. He now has to confirm the information without the help of the CIA while trying to clear his name. This will definitely make for an explosive season three.

Jack Ryan is played by the well-known The Office actor and director of The Quiet Place, John Krasinski. While the second season brought up to 4.6 million views in the first week of premiering, the audience still seems interested in the soon-to-be-released third season. There have been previous attempts at making successful remakes of Tom Clancy novels, and this TV series has kept viewers’ attention and interest, for three seasons in the making. Here’s to hoping this new season will eventually lead us to season four.

The upcoming third season of Jack Ryan will premiere on Prime Video with all eight episodes being available on December 21st. It’s the perfect show to watch right before Christmas hits!

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