Ubisoft Outlines 2016 Plans For Rainbow Six: Siege

| Feb 18, 2016
Ubisoft Outlines 2016 Plans For Rainbow Six: Siege 1

Included within Ubisoft’s investor report they discussed some DLC plans for their multiplayer-only title, Rainbow Six: Siege.

We’ve already gotten the first of the new operators, Buck and Frost, the Canadian JTF-2 members that have been tearing it up online. Throughout the rest of 2016, expect to see the next six roll out on each quarter.

In Q2 we’re getting the new American operators next, Q3 is seeing the Brazilian characters and they’re wrapping up Q4 with Japanese operators. Each of these are coming with their own maps as well as new primary and secondary weapons. Expect to see a lot of new skins and customizability for your guns too.

The other thing mentioned is that Siege will be seeing new game modes, nothing more was mentioned as to what those modes will be though. We may also see community tools for Siege, nothing else has been listed to define what that entails, but it’s something to look out for.

Looking Ahead In 2016 For Rainbow Six: Siege 1

Also, Ubisoft has started noticing a positive trend in the longevity and popularity with their games that they give post-launch support to. Tracking the number of Daily Active Users for Siege they’re seeing a growth in not only the user base, but the amount of streamers and viewers too.

So look for more support through DLC and free updates for the tactical shooter throughout the year.

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