PlayStation 4 Pro Sales Account for 70 Per Cent of Recent PS4 Units

| Nov 16, 2016
PlayStation 4 Pro Sales Account for 70 Per Cent of Recent PS4 Units

The PlayStation 4 Pro launched Nov 10th to critical acclaim from reviewers, with many suggesting that Sony’s latest offering is the perfect choice for any newcomer to the Japanese company’s console offerings. Initially met with skepticism, the console is gradually seeing early adopters. At least, reports from PlayStation 4 Pro’s launch week suggest that the Pro is a popular choice among Japanese consumers. According to statistics from Media Create reported by Famitsu, the console sold over 65,194 units with total PlayStation 4 sales charting over 90,000 total purchases in Japan since Nov 7, 2016.

Prior to the PlayStation 4 Pro’s release, the PS4 only sold 32,041 units. With the Pro coming in, however, the total number of PlayStation 4 units sold on the market jumped to 92,344. Because 65,194 of those units are actually PS4 Pro sales, that leaves 27,150 sales from alternate PlayStation 4 offerings. In other words, over 70 per cent of last week’s PS4 purchases were compromised of PlayStation 4 Pro sales.

Analyst Daniel Ahmad chimed in with some commentary on the PlayStation 4 Pro’s sales in a series of tweets. While he feels Japan is facing a “dying console market,” he was still impressed by the device’s performance in Japan, suggesting that the Pro “seems to be meeting expectations for Sony in growing the overall numbers of PS4’s being sold.” But he did acknowledge that Sony’s 20 million target for the end of the fiscal year would be tight.

Sony has certainly invested their time and energy into making sure the PlayStation 4 Pro competes well on the market. For Andrew House, it’s a machine intended to compete with the PC, which traditionally takes an upswing over console owners during a console’s mid-cycle years. Whether the PS4 Pro will actually have room to stand out against the PC, though, is still an open question. Check back as more news on consumer behavior is revealed over the next couple of months.

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