Need For Speed Underground 3 Revealed?

Need For Speed Underground 3 Revealed?

With E3 just weeks away and that means we’re currently in a time gaming enthusiasts know all too well, rumour mill season. Where some rumours you hope are true and some of those are too far fetched that you can simply dismiss. But its pretty clear with EA’s latest hint, we’re getting another Need For Speed entry this year. But what could it be?

EA’s Need For Speed twitter account has been teasing the idea of the return to their more popular series tropes by showing off classic entries for the month of May. They even had a 20th anniversary video displaying the great history of critically acclaimed racing franchise. On ‘Throwback Tuesday’ (intended for Thursday) they released a screenshot of the in-game customizations from Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2005) version. Which led to some speculation leading to hope of a remaster to the classic game would be re-imagined on next generation platforms. It’s definitely plausible considering how this generation has gone but it’s most likely not what we’ll be seeing tomorrow at their reveal. We’ve already got new entries in the Hot Pursuit and Most Wanted series recently so I think its time, for EA to bring back a beloved but not forgotten Need For Speed series, in Underground.

It’s been a decade since a new Underground game has come out and all the evidence points to its return in their latest picture on twitter that was released this morning. Looking off both the boxart from Need for Speed Underground 2 and the picture they showed off today, its evident that it’s a new Underground game. The resemblance is uncanny to the second Underground with the green car and wheels that indicate customization elements. So it’s possible their inclusion may be big factor in 2015’s new Need For Speed.

Last year taking a break from the franchise the company issued a statement saying they’re hard at work on ‘the game players want’. If there is any racing game people have been clamouring for from Electronic Arts, it’s Underground. Given the game has been granted a ‘extended window’ for development this may be the titles fans are hoping for.

Expect a trailer teasing a ‘gameplay reveal’ of their latest Need For Speed tomorrow with the promise of seeing more at their E3 showcase on June 15 at 1 p.m. PT.

Need For Speed (2015) other wise known as Underground 3 will most likely launch this year between October and December sometime this fall.

Are you excited for the new Need For Speed? Let us know in the comments below.

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