New Killzone: Shadow Fall DLC Adds 4-Player Co-Op Mode

| May 16, 2014
New Killzone: Shadow Fall DLC Adds 4-Player Co-Op Mode

Announced today via the PlayStation Blog, Killzone: Shadow Fall will be getting new DLC that adds 4 player co-op. In the Interception DLC, players will take on the role of one of four classes in order to hack Helghast relays and to survive for as long as possible. While hacking, your team will be attacked by different classes of Helghast troopers. Killing them increases not only the team’s score, but will also make hacking faster. Loosing uplinks to enemies will hurt the team’s score, as well as dying and respawning. If the team’s score is too low, other players won’t be able to respawn. Playable classes include the close ranged Assault gunner, the sniping and trap expert Marksman , the healing Medic, and the more support and hacking oriented Tactician. The Interception DLC is set to release some time in June, and will be free for Killzone: Shadow Fall Season Pass owners.

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