Nintendo Direct September 2021: All The Latest News

Nintendo Direct September 2021: All The Latest News

Nintendo hosted an information loaded Direct today detailing its highly-anticipated games releasing this season.

As with all Nintendo Direct announcements, this one was no different, as it managed to pack a huge amount of information into a 40-minute window to entice fans about the latest upcoming Nintendo titles.

Kicking off the Nintendo Direct was Monster Hunter Rise, in a new paid DLC expansion called Sunbreak. The trailer showed off a cinematic featuring a fearsome dragon that hunters will surely be clamouring to slay. This promises more Monster Hunter content for Summer 2022.

Mario Party Superstars then showcased its many game boards, including 5 returning boards from the beloved Nintendo 64 titles of the Mario Party franchise. A Mt. Mini games mode allows players to skip the game boards and just play the mini-games against each other. Mario Party Superstars arrives on the Switch on October 29.

Nintendo Direct September 2021: All The Latest News

Voice of Cards: The Island Dragon Roars was featured next on the Nintendo Direct. A narrative-based tabletop RPG-styled game utilizing a card system and dice rolling goodness. Dungeons & Dragons fans rejoice as the release is right around the corner on October 28. A free demo launched today on the Nintendo eShop.

Nintendo Direct September 2021: All The Latest News

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity detailed what’s in store for its Expansion Pass Wave 2, which highlighted new characters, weapons, and maps in the action-packed Musou title. Fans will ride the second wave on October 29.

The Nintendo Direct revealed Chocobo GP, as a new Nintendo exclusive kart racer that features Final Fantasy series characters such as Vivi from Final Fantasy IX with frantic kart-racing gameplay. The announcement of online capabilities allows racing against friends and casting Final Fantasy-based magic to help the player achieve victory. Releasing in 2022.

Nintendo Direct September 2021: All The Latest News

The final Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC character pack is to be announced on October 5, in a special presentation by Smash Bros Creator Masahiro Sakurai.

A dystopian run-down mall entered view, with Kirby appearing on a beach in a whole new adventure called Kirby: A Forgotten Land! Showcasing new 3D visuals for the first time in Kirby’s storied history. Familiar iconic Kirby gameplay was shown, with the traditional eating of enemies to steal their abilities in an exciting new environment. Exciting boss fights and brand new gameplay elements make for a fresh Kirby. The Forgotten Land launches in Spring 2022.

Nintendo Direct September 2021: All The Latest News

The Nintendo Direct showed Animal Crossing: New Horizons announcing its own direct scheduled for October, with new free content arriving in November.

Mario Golf: Super Rush is set to receive new free content, with Koopa Troopa and Ninji becoming playable characters, with two new courses added which releases today.

Star Wars: KOTOR news hits Switch also, with a port of the classic title coming to Nintendo Switch on November 11.

Dying Light 2 receives a cloud edition for the Switch that features an online co-op mode, in this port of the zombie apocalypse. Launching on February 4, with Dying Light: Platinum Edition also porting over to Switch on October 19.

Triangle Strategy, formerly titled Project Triangle Strategy, showed the new action RPG created by the makers of Octopath Traveler. New fine-tuned gameplay based on the previous demo period feedback was detailed, featuring a fully movable camera and visual enhancements. Releases on March 4.

Nintendo Direct September 2021: All The Latest News

The Nintendo Direct transitioned of course into Metroid Dread, showcasing brilliant 2D Metroid gameplay and allowing fans to see Samus’ iconic Varia Suit and classic villain Kraid. Details surrounding Samus’s mission to eradicate the X parasite from Planet ZDR were revealed. Many predators will hunt and attack Samus, in what seemed to be a previously Chozo-inhabited land. Dread comes on October 8.

Nintendo Switch Online revealed a new membership plan called Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, which included a collection of Nintendo 64 games with a subscription to the expansion. Showcasing classics like Star Fox 64 and Super Mario 64. Sega Genesis games were surprisingly included in this expansion. It arrives in late October. This update will not replace the old Nintendo Switch Online plan, and former customers can upgrade to it. Wireless but true Genesis and N64 controllers have been prepared for these releases, allowing a nostalgic feel, exclusive to Online members.

Nintendo Direct showed a collection of more announced titles:

  • The previously rumored Castlevania Advance Collection, Available Later Today.
  • Shadowrun Trilogy, which launches next year.
  • Actraiser Renaissance releasing later today.

Big Nintendo Direct news was then announced featuring the upcoming Illumination x Nintendo Mario Movie.

Splatoon 3 gameplay showed traditional and advanced Splatoon gameplay, by a squid research scientist with new details on the upcoming sequel. Splatoon 3 takes place in Splatsville and suburbs called Splatlands. New main and special weapons are confirmed, along with an all-new single-player campaign called the “Return of the Mammalians.” Research on humanoid squids continues, and promises updates at a later date. Release in 2022.

Nintendo Direct September 2021: All The Latest News

Ending the Nintendo Direct with an absolute bang, Bayonetta 3 was shown off featuring the namesake stylish protagonist in signature Bayonetta style gameplay. A new large creature summoning type battle system was revealed that compounds the already action-packed frenetic style the Bayonetta series is known for. A shadowy figure was mysteriously teased near the end of the trailer. A release date of 2022 was finally announced putting fears of cancellation to rest, and ending the massive Direct news.

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